Zallag announced today that a free demo of its racing game – Racers’ Islands: Crazy Racers is now available via WiiWare in North America. The demo will give you the chance to race with one character on one of the game’s 20 tracks. Racers’ Islands: Crazy Racers is a pure arcade driving experience where you get to drive and shoot at the same time – which does indeed sound pretty crazy!

In the full game, which costs 1000 Wii Points, you get to race on six themed islands which resemble a giant amusement park, across 20 different races. You also get a split-screen multiplayer mode for up to four players, and up to eight players playing at the same time with the controller-sharing option (one drives, the other shoots), plus lots of items and trophies to find. Racers’ Islands: Crazy Racers also has the distinction of being the first racing game on WiiWare to use the NVIDIA PhysX engine, enabling you to feel the collisions with your enemies and use objects on the road to slow them down.