The Official Nintendo Magazine reports the fantastic news that possibly the most popular game in the world right now, Rovio’s iOS game Angry Birds, will soon be coming to WiiWare. The news was confirmed by Rovio on its Twitter feed. When replying to a tweet from a fan who asked “will there come a Nintendo DS/Wii version of the game,” the Rovio tweeter said “Wii and 3DS later in the year”.* Obviously this news caused quite a stir and a lot of questions to Rovio via Twitter. When asked if the Wii version of Angry Birds would be boxed or download-only, Rovio said that they prefer downloads and digital distribution as “it’s green like the pigs”! Another fan asked if it would just be the original game coming to WiiWare, or any or all of the many updates and special editions, such as the Halloween version, or the forthcoming Valentine’s Day version. Rovio replied that all three of the current Angry Birds games available in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices would be coming to WiiWare.