Get ready to paint the town red, yellow, green, purple, and any other colour you fancy, with the return of de Blob on Nintendo Wii. de Blob 2, which hits stores today, is set immediately after the liberation of Chroma City in the original de Blob on the Wii, and expands on the first games award-winning gameplay with dozens of new powerups, mind-bending platforming puzzles, and a rocking soundtrack.

In the game, players get to lead Blob and his sassy robot side-kick Pinky on a side-splitting journey to liberate the bustling metropolis of Prisma City from Comrade Black, an evil dictator bent on removing colour, music, creativity, tasty foods, and general happiness from the world.

The colourful sequel also boasts an all-new co-op multiplayer mode, where you can take a friend along on your action-packed adventure. Heres Danny Bilson, THQs executive vice president of Core Games, talking about the game:

“de Blob 2 absolutely oozes charm and atmosphere. It’s the rare kind of platformer that will challenge hardcore players to the end, yet is at the same time an incredibly accessible experience to share with friends. Blue Tongue has done it again.”
de Blob 2 is out now for Wii, with an SRP of $39.99.