Eutechnyx has today released some new screenshots, featuring Phoenix raceway, from its forthcoming NASCAR game. It also announced that it has secured the services of the 2010 NASCAR Series World Championship, Richard Towler, giving him a key role in the racing dynamics team. Towler has been very involved in the making of the game, including finalising the car set-ups, handling and fun-factor for the forthcoming Wii game.

Towler was previously a full-time professional gamer, and won the 2010 NASCAR Series World Championship after a 9-month, 18-race season against more than 25,000 other hardcore gamers, including NASCARís most popular driver and 2-time NASCAR Nationwide Series champion, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Hereís Towler talking about his involvement with the game:

“I’m delighted to join a development team with such a strong pedigree in the racing genre. As a gamer myself, it feels great to be able influence the final polish and to help tune this game to make sure it is the best and most fun NASCAR ever created. Plus, I’m now a key part of the design team for all Eutechnyx games moving forward.”
And Eutechnyx CEO Brian Jobling:

“We’ve often taken consulting guidance from racing experts such as Bruno Senna to balance and optimize our racing game engines, but now, having Richard Towler on the team full-time allows us to guarantee a realistic racing game architecture and use his vast experience of racing games to ensure appeal for the casual player too”.