Paramount Digital Entertainment and Electronic Arts today announced the launch of Rango The Videogame for the Wii, which is out now in stores. The action-adventure game is inspired by the forthcoming Paramount Pictures/Nickelodeon Movies animated feature film, Rango, which is out on March 4. Set in the gritty, Wild West town of Dirt, and filled with wily and whimsical characters, the game invites players to continue on Rango’s wild journey with all-new tall tales, lots of intense action and outlandish scenarios inspired by the movie.

In the game you’ll get to play as the quick-thinking chameleon Rango, the best Sheriff the town of Dirt has ever known, and explore a variety of new missions and environments that go beyond* those seen in the film. As well as interacting with the various Dirtonians, and shooting as many zombie rodents as you can manage, you’ll also get to ride roadrunners and desert bats, all the while indulging in bouts of acrobatic gunplay. Here’s Thomas Lesinski, President of Paramount Digital Entertainment, talking about the game:

“Rango’s fondness for telling tall tales allowed us to push the limits in creating new adventures for players of all ages to enjoy. We worked closely with the Rango filmmaking team on a unique game storyline and integrating stunning visuals from the film to create a game that delivers a great variety of game play that has already impressed the critics.”