Polish publisher Teyon Games announced today that its latest WiiWare game, Heavy Fire: Black Arms, will be released next Monday in the US, for 500 Wii Points. The sequel to Heavy Fire: Special Ops is set during a dangerous campaign in South America, where as a special forces recruit you get to take part in an operation to stop the illegal arms trade. In your bid to destroy the biggest weapon cartel, Fuerza de Voluntad, you can team up with a friend and experience the co-op mode, or get stuck in to the compelling single-player mission. Gameplay includes missions on the ground, as well as in a variety of military vehicles including boats and helicopters, controlled by special Quick-Time Event gestures. A new save system has been introduced, with checkpoints during missions, which should make this sequel even more enjoyable to play than the first outing. And if you’ve got a Wii Zapper, you’ll be pleased to know that Heavy Fire: Black Arms is fully compatible with both the Zapper and the standard Wii Remote.

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