Tivolaís math learning game, Successfully Learning Mathematics, was the first educational video game to be released for the Wii in the US, and today it debuts on the European WiiWare Channel. The fun new game lets parents give their kids a bit of extra help when learning math, and is specially designed for different primary school grades. The series starts with a version tailored to 1st grade students, with 2nd to 4th grade versions to be released in the upcoming weeks. In the game, students get to use the Wii Remote to solve math puzzles that reflect their school curriculum, and can collect stars for each problem solved in order to earn extra playing time which can then be traded for a bonus game.

Featured math problems include arithmetic, geometry, and weight and length measurements, among others. And if all that sounds a little bit too much like school and not much like fun, the game features a character called Freddy the Friendly Vampire, who will guide you through solving the problems.

Successfully Learning Mathematics is available to download now from the Wii Shop Channel for 800 Wii Points. Itís suitable for ages six and upwards, and comes in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish versions.