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    LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Vehicle Details Released

    Activision today released new details about six of the many vehicles that are featured in the forthcoming LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars Wii game, which is due to be released on March 25.

    • Anakinís Starfighter: Playing as Anakin during the Clone Wars, you get to take on battalions of CIS starfighters in Anakinís customised Delta-7B Aethersprite light interceptor. Itís a small ship, but ideal for completing the many space missions youíll face during the game.
    • AT-AP: The light walker is utilised in Clone Wars mainly as a mobile cannon. Itís rapid movement across the battlefield is paramount to success in LEGO Star Wars. The AT-APís cannon not only devastates opposing troops and vehicles, but also destroys buildings and the hardened silver LEGO.
    • AT-RT: The All Terrain Recon Transport is used by the Republic as a scout vehicle, and is designed to be light and move rapidly from area to area. In LEGO Star Wars they are used to get across ground battle areas in a hurry.
    • AT-TE: All Terrain Tactical Enforcers are the solid, reliable tank of the Republic. They are heavily armoured and equipped for taking and delivering major damage. Aside from dishing out and taking punishment, they can also transport troops from one point to another on the battlefield. In LEGO Star Wars III, the AT-TE is virtually impossible to destroy, despite being slow moving, and it’s a beast to beat.

    • BARC Speeder: The Bike Advanced Recon Commando is used primarily to quickly navigate around the battlefield. It is the most readily available vehicle in LEGO Star Wars, and many can be found on the battlefield. Itís guns may not be very powerful, but it can certainly make light work of rank-and-file clankers.
    • LAAT/i: The LAAT/i is one of the greatest vehicles in the Republic fleet. Aside from being used to move the troops around, itís also used as a light gunship in most major Clone Wars-era battles. In LEGO Star Wars III, LAAT/is are primarily used to fly around capital vessels and destroy items to help solve puzzles during various missions. The LAAT/i are also useful when exploring the galaxy to complete space combat missions.

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    again that looks to good to be the wii version screenshots :/

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