Activision has announced the release of two new Track Packs for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock on the Wii. First up we have the four-song Emo Edge Track Pack, kicking off with “Ignorance,” and “That’s What You Get” from three-time Grammy nominated Guitar Hero veterans, pop-punkers Paramore, who are joined by alternative rockers Madina Lake with their tracks “Hey Superstar,” and “Across 5 Oceans.” The second pack is the Middle Class Rut Track Pack, which features three tracks from the Sacramento, California-based band, namely “New Low,” “Sad to Know,” and “Lifelong Dayshift.” The Middle Class Rut and Emo Edge Track Packs are available to download for the Wii version of the game for 550 Wii Points, and the songs are also available individually for 200 Wii Points each. To find out more about Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and check out the entire line-up of downloadable songs, click on one of the following links:,,