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    These are estimates given by the companies. 10 million units sold by 2007? Sony will be lucky to sell 10 million by 2009. They simply can't drop the system price for 4 years. That will cost them the wars. Sony's sales have halted at 1.2 million units sold. Europe isn't going to extend those sales much further than that.

    The better question is how many people globally will pay $600(Even at $500 you count tax, cost of a single game you still get over $600) for a game system?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbitzel
    I guess alot of you are prepubescent kids who know nothing about economics. I am a supporter of Wii but we won't know anything about sales untill supply meets demand this year. Since Wii and PS3 have sold out and Nintendo has shipped more units then it is obvious that is seems that Wii is winning but I don't even know if Sony has even produced 1 million units yet... so lets wait and see. I personally want Wii to do well so it will garner more 3rd party support, and I think it will do well because if my son wanted a $600 gaming system I would tell him to ask Santa.... lol
    Haha PS3 sold out? You kidding me it's like left on the shelf.
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    Same here.
    At My local GameStop, they have quite a few 360s and PS3s but no Wiis.
    It's definitely saying something.

    Well do you?

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