Nintendo has today announced that Wii Play: Motion will be released on June 24 2011 in Europe. According to the official Nintendo UK site, the game will feature 12 minigames that are designed to show off the special capabilities of the Wii Remote Plus. One of the game’s main selling point is bound to be the fact that it comes packaged with a red Wii Remote Plus.

Nintendo has also released details of the minigames, which include Wind Runner, where your Mii is equipped with roller skates and an umbrella; Treasure Twirl, where you use the Wii remote as a winch to pick up underwater treasure; Cone Zone where you* balance a tower of ice cream scoops and tilt the remote so that the ice cream tower doesn’t topple over when more scoops are added; Skip Skimmer where you skim stones on the water; and Spooky Search where you get to trap and collect ghosts that have escaped through your TV screen. For this last game, you actually have to use the speaker on the Wii Remote Plus to find the ghost in your living room! Spooky indeed!