If youíre a fan of Animal Crossing: Letís Go to the City, have you heard that 2011 is the year of the Golden Series? Each month of the year a new item of Golden Series furniture will be revealed and released to use in the game, and Nintendo.co.uk has just revealed that Mayís item of furniture will be a golden wardrobe! According to Nintendo, the golden closet is ďcrafted from thick sheets of precious metal, spiffily ornamented and elevated from the ground with robust feet.Ē Sounds positively fantastic! If you fancy grabbing one for your own house in Animal Crossing: Letís Go to the City, make a point of talking to Pete the postman between May 1st and 30th. This is the only way that youíll be able to get any of the Gold Series furniture items, as they canít be bought or found anywhere else. And sadly, despite being very fabulous, the golden closet won’t have any effect on how the Happy Room Academy assesses your home.