After Kotaku first published news several weeks ago that the Wii 2 will have a controller with an in-built camera, Develop says that it too has heard from an anonymous source that the next Nintendo console, due to be unveiled at E3 this June and released in 2012, will have a front-facing camera system that can be used to take shots in-game. Developís source also confirmed other details about the controller that had previously been published by Kotaku, such as the fact that it will have a six-inch touch screen, and will possibly also come with a stylus, as well as a regular button layout. According to the source, Nintendo is so wary of leaks about the new system and controller that it is not even telling all its development partners about its plans. All very tantalising, but we have less than a month to wait until all is revealed at E3, so just a little more patience required!