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    Kirby Rolls Back Onto the Wii!

    Nintendo announced today at E3 that everyone’s favourite pink shape-shifting bundle of cuteness, the blue-eyed charmer himself, Kirby, will be returning to Dream Land and your living room via the Wii. “Kirby Wii” features Kirby and his friends in an all-new action-adventure, which kicks off when an alien spaceship crashes into the peaceful realm of Pop Star, scattering spaceship pieces throughout the land. It’s the player’s job to guide Kirby as he retrieves the ship’s parts and helps the aliens return to their home planet. At any time, up to three more players can join in with Kirby on his quest, playing cooperatively as Meta Knight, King Dedede or Waddle Dee.

    Kirby’s main “weapon”, as ever, is his Copy Ability, which enables him to inhale, spit and transform as he encounters enemies. Among Kirby’s many abilities in the game are Sword, where he dons a green cape and wields a sword; Beam, where he wears a jester’s hat and shoots energy from a magic wand; Whip, where he’s sporting a cowboy hat and can lasso enemies; and Leaf, where he is surrounded by a whirlwind of leaves.

    The game also introduces new Super Abilities, which are activated when Kirby inhales special enemy characters, such as the “Super Sword” Super Ability, which enables Kirby to swing a giant sword and wipe out an entire screen’s worth of foes.

    Fans can look forward to Kirby Wii being released this Fall.

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    Now this...is...the S#!T!!!!! Skrew epic puzzy yarn, this IS the Kirby game I want!! Looks like Kirby and The Crstyal Shards for the N64 (which is a VERY good thing), but the name "Kirby Wii' is kinda lame (like he has to take a piss with hiz huge weaner). They've shoulda used a title like
    "Kirby's Adventures" or "Kirby and the wrath of (insert main baddie name here)".

    Overall, looks promiseing...the more I see thats good, the more I'll actually buy it!
    I try to make my posts clear and easy to understand so they don't sound like "imA gonsdds 2yuz shvsdfoool" or whatever 2cuokls4usz crap most ppl speek in the land of brooklyn nowadays.


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