Namco Bandai Games has today announced that itís bringing Family Trainer Magical Carnival exclusively to the Wii in Europe. The newest instalment in the popular Family Trainer series takes players on a fun-filled, family-friendly trip to the carnival as they use the Wii Remote and Family Trainer Mat Controller to explore exciting carnival rides and experiences, attract visitors to the theme park, and complete a variety of energetic activities, with modes for one to 10 players.

The many attractions include haunted houses, a circus tent, a pirate ship on the high seas, a colourful parade and 25 magical fantasy attractions, where you get to tame lions, steer pirate ships, explore haunted houses, ride a flying carpet, and much more. Playing modes include Party at the Park mode, where up to 10 players play in a series of individual or team-based activities that give everyone a chance to get in on the action. One to four players can also play through a Dream Attraction mode filled with dozens of themed carnival attractions, and a versatile Free Play mode offers easy access to individual attractions. You can also invite either a friend, or your Wii Mii to join you at the carnival in the two-player Letís Go Out! mode.

Family Trainer Magical Carnival for Wii will hit stores on November 18 2011 as a bundle that includes the game and one Family Trainer Mat Controller.