Canadian developer Microforum today announced that its first 3D Pixel retro racing game, 3D Pixel Racing, will be available on WiiWare for the Wii in North America on July 14. The game features graphics that are fully rendered with cube-based Voxels, assembled to form more complex solid forms, (such as cars, trees, etc). Basically, itís the same principle as 2D pixel-art graphics, but applied to a full 3D environment. In the game the player gets to challenge up to four friends in five crazy race modes, including night races and a four-player split screen multiplayer, enjoying the fast arcade action and unlocking new tracks and cars. The game features 10 tracks, 11 cars, and 10 drivers in total, as well as variable weather conditions such as sun, fog, rain and snow. Certainly looks like a lot of fun, going by the trailer, and the pixelated cars certainly look very cute, complete with lookalike badges. Well worth checking out on Thursday if you can!

Source: Microforum Ltd