The Wii U just launched to a solid success, selling out both in the US and the UK, and there are a ton of cool reasons why gamers are flocking to the awesome new gadget. The most obvious reasons are some of its primary features like the fact that you can use it as a tablet-like GamePad controller, or that it has fantastic support for older Nintendo Wii titles. However, despite these obvious reasons to own the new super-gaming device, there are a few other features that you might not have been aware of that really add a new dimension of fun and usability to the Wii U. Here are three of them in no particular order:

First, did you know that Netflix is available on the Wii U? In fact, the GamePad controller features even enables multiple viewing options. It basically works like picture-in-picture, allowing users to view streaming content from Netflix on the TV, while you are still browsing for something else to watch the GamePad. Conversely, you can also watch Netflix on the Wii U GamePad while the TV is used to watch something else. Very slick!

Second, Miiverse (which is Nintendo's new online network for the Wii U), includes an activity feed. This will eventually be accessible through other devices that have web access, like a smartphone or tablet. This will let you check on the status of your friend's in games, even if you are away from the console. That's a handy way to stay connected!

Third, you can actually use your GamePad feature as a remote control fro your TV. There is a TV button in GamePad mode that when activated allows the Wii U to change channels, and adjust volume control settings, all without even turning on the console. The GamePad even includes NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which could have some amazing new applications in the future.

These are just a few of the most notable "little-known" features of the new and amazing Wii U. Can you think of anymore? Share them in the thread!