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    Quote Originally Posted by Wii_Smurf
    Yeah but for me I'll have to buy a 64 as well so this way is easier...
    Graphics and framerates will be your biggest problem with n64 games but at the time far ahead of the sharper but extremely ugly visuals of the ps alternative, but the gameplay was top notch for it's day. It was my own golden age of videogames spread over 2 or 3 years. So many classics in such a short space of time compared to the wilderness that i have experienced since the death throes of the n64 only ever reached again when the fantastic Resident Evil 4 made it's stunning debut on the Gamecube to envious glances from non-gc owning gamers. My N64 classics; body harvest, zelda ocarina, jet force gemini, silicon valley, banjo kazooie, mario kart, shadowman, forsaken, world driver championships, F1 world grand prix, 'let's see that again' and the most important fps since DOOM, Goldeneye and the aptly named sequel, Perfect Dark which effortlessly took Goldeneye's crown as the best fps around leaving PC owners eyeing up n64s instead of the latest gfx cards.

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    I've played Gunstar hero's for a while {while?} its cool but MAN! how do I get past that boss in the Mines level?!?!? I have too fight a boss and when he's dead it's another boss and even after that: ANOTHER BOSS I NEVER GET PAST!

    Is there a trick or something?
    If you say a trick I'll tell you a trick on the bosses of lever 3.

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