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    wii sports resort vs wii sports

    Why is there a difference between wii sports bowling and wii sports resort bowling?

    Wii sports bowling does not seem to be consistent. Even though you are throwing the ball in the same place and the same way, it will not consistently go to the same place at the pins. Sometimes it curves.. Sometimes not. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to the action of the bowling ball.

    Wii sports resort bowling however, seems to function more like a real bowling ball. If you put the ball down in the same place each time it will arrive at the pins at the same place.

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    Wii Sports Resort Bowling takes advantage of the new sensors in the Wii Motion+ adapter for the Wii controllers. The original Wii Sports was made years before Motion+ existed and doesn't respond quite the same way as Wii Sports Resort.


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