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    Suda51 Still Waiting for His Wii U Dev Kit

    Jon Wahlgren meets Suda 51. Both seem pleased.
    Must be a problem with the post office...
    The Wii U controller may have given Suda 51 ideas for No More Heroes 3, but the eccentric head of Grasshopper Manufacture is still waiting for a development kit to call his own.
    Speaking to Nintendo Life's Jon Wahlgren this past weekend, Suda revealed he's not even sure he'll be working on Nintendo's new machine:
    Jon: Have you got hold of a Wii U development kit yet?
    Suda: Not right now, no.
    Jon: Is that something you are looking to get ahold of?
    Suda: It’s hard to say. Maybe, maybe not. It’s really depending on publishers. We are developers, so it’s up to a publisher.
    Publishers, hurry up.
    Via pushsquare.com

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