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    Sound but no picture

    HiI am trying to connect my Wii to a Panasonic Viera L47 tv.I get sound but no picture, I know the Wii main menu is there because I can interact with it using the remote.. I hear the familiar sounds but obviously can't do anything useful.I've tried both the 3 and 5 pin cables, the first just gives a black screen and the second a black screen with a bit of distorted flicker, but I can't see the picture using either.I have tried exactly the same cables in a smaller samsung tv and everything works fine, so the cables are ok. On that tv I set the Wii resolution to iirc 480.. whatever the middle setting is, not the hd resolution because that's greyed out. It was set to the minimum so I was I hoping 480 would work with the Viera.. it didn't solve the problem but both settings work ok on the samsung.I am guessing that it's a resolution problem but I can't change the Wii settings because I can't see the screen and I can't find anything on the Viera setup menus that makes a difference.Any ideas? Help! And thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to reply.Pete
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    is there more than one cable port, my old tv had like 20 and i used ta get sound and picture on different channels, idk if your tv is new, or if one of your ports, not the wire, is malfunctioning or broken, id try using a different systems cable like the ol' xbox, s' how i check the ports :P if it is a port ya need to get it fixed and complain to the store ya got it from, see if ya can get a partial refund or somethin.
    if the ports busted and isn't fixable, ya should see if they're willing to do a trade in for a new one.

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