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    Servers up for online Wii games when Wii U comes out?

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to inquire ya'lls thoughts, once the Wii U comes out do you think all Wii- wifi games will loose the servers and hence the online functionality? I would hate to see that happen as I personally have a lot invested in Wii online games. So I doubt even if they keep the servers going for many games that they will let you transfer wi-fi data(makes me wonder what will happen to VC games and such as they are hardcoded too). So a lot of wii owners will loose a lot unless nintendo figures out a way to transfer hardlocked data. Well let me know your best info/theories thanks.

    The best idea I can think of is when xbox360 came out within a short while xbox live was completely dumped and no games live were retained
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    This is a huge question I also want to know the answer to.

    Being that my Wii refuses to play double-layered discs, if WiiU doesn't support the Wii's online games' functionality, I won't be playing Brawl online ever again. =/
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