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    Wii U release dates and MSRP?

    I heard that the Wii U will go on sale directly after the 2012 E3 expo in June. But that may sound like a bad move on their part due to the scarse information we know about their full specs and features.... along with lacking release date info for launch titles (which the lineup dosen't sound too good at the moment... eccos 3DS's launch). Or it could be a good move if they give out all the details, bring out new stuff insetad of the same ol shat seen at CES'12 from last years E3, and lastly... unvailing a more expanded line-up of launch titles at E3. If they launched it in june, then I predict SEGA to also bring The Conduit 3, Madworld II, a port of Sonic Generations, and lastly, a port of Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics (which sucked BTW) on the Wii U as launch titles, of course for the Olympics in June (hey, they did it for 3DS).

    Realisticly, I predict the system to launch in Sepetember for Japan, Late October for North America, and November worldwide. But if that's the case, then what will Wii owners have in store untill the Wii U's launch late in the year? Aside from Puke/Poke Park II, Mario Party 9, Xenoblade, Dragon Quest, and The Last Story (if one of the latter games performs well enough to localize it in the US).

    For price, I ultimately doubt it will be $250. I predict 'round $350-400 if they don't want to lose cash on hardware. The Radion processor is an expensive piece to manafacture let alone for Nintendos system. And let's not forget the tablet, while that can be an expensive piece if needed to be replaced or to add for P2 if they work a feature like that. For system interaction and synconazation between it, could be expensive to mod the hardware to do so and for the consumer.

    What do U thank?
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    I don't thank anything, Maldo.

    Anywho, Xenoblade and Last Story and excellent reasons for Wii owners to brag about, in spite of the console officially having its successor out.
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    I'm pretty sure Ninty officially announced that the WiiU would show up in December. I really doubt they'd release it half a year early just because they can.

    If it gets to $400, I won't be happy... If it breaks $400, I'm going to be another year without Brawl. ;_;

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    I don't thank anything, Maldo.
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