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Thread: Wii U graphics 'less powerful than PS3, Xbox 360' - developers

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    WiiU looks to again prove that creative conceptual gameplay can overcome powerful graphics

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    Quote Originally Posted by zapasant View Post
    That's ok, Missingno does, and we seem to be having a very healthy debate, so it must be making at least some sense
    I was hopin' for a quick summary of your point bro, didn't want ya to just brush me off. Loves me a good round of opinion projectiles, but I'm ****in' missin' out of this one. Do not want. :P

    Quote Originally Posted by zapasant View Post
    Nintendo was pretty much printing money with the Wii for the first four and a half years; after that, the sales simply plummeted. Sure, it broke records and made nitendo an seemingly infinite amount of cash, but that is all completely overshadowed by an abysmal year and a half. Unfortunately, wall street could give a rat's ass about how it did in the past; if it isn't producing now, it's not viable for the company. Ofcourse, no one expected it to sell like hot cakes throughout it's entire lifespan, but a drop that massive signifies that the audience just was no longer attracted by the gimmick put forth by the system.
    Huh, didn't know the Wii's sales ever took a hit... Not that I wouldn't expect it. The fact that any console races off the shelves for four years seems bloody unlikely as is. Just goes to show how absurdly wide Ninty's consumer base has become... Though, I ain't too sure they'l stick around for the WiiU, but that's a whoooole 'nother thread.
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    Spoiler Alert!

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    Why listen to that idiot Gunns4Hire and all he has to say? The dude has been trolling the Wii-u since it was first announced.
    He got some much hate for it that he made an "apology" video on top of that he's admitted that he IS indeed a Sony Fanboy.

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