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    Wii U, 3DS compatibility idea.

    Just a quick shop I made.

    Hello members of wiichat, I bring my idea for a connection system for the Wii U-3ds. As the Wii U's controller consists of a tactile screen, I had the idea of making this connection by replacing the controller screen from the Wii U to the lower screen from the 3ds (which is also tactile), and replacing the TV screen with the upper screen from the 3ds. The connection may work via Wi-fi connection or by some kind of usb adapter like the PSP/Vita - PS3 connection. Please leave your opinions about my idea! and sorry if there are some spelling mistakes, English is not my native language.

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    Can't say I'd be surprised if Ninty implemented anything like that. Particularly since it'd be more profitable than, say, the GBA player the Gamecube had, since all you'd need is to download the software for the 3DS/WiiU rather than to purchase any physical goods.
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