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    Wii U Games Launching November 13th, 5 Days Before Console?

    The Nintendo Wii U doesnít launch until November 18th, but that hasnít stopped members of Wii U Forums from rapidly refreshing every page on the internet related to Nintendoís next great console. One member has either spotted something excitingly odd or a mere mistake: GameStop seems to be selling 4 Wii U Games 5 days prior to launch, on November 13th:

    The games in question are:
    Madden NFL 13
    ESPN Sports Connection
    FIFA Soccer 13
    Your Shape Fitnessed Evolved 13
    Rabbids Land
    Assasinís Creed 3
    Just Dance 4

    Many of the other games are listed, as expected, with a November 18th launch date. Weíve reached out to GameStop to determine if this is the real deal and will let you know as soon as we get official word.
    Source: WiiUDaily

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