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Thread: Wii U Marks ‘the End of an Era,’ Says Pong’s Creator

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    The fact this writer essentially refers to Angry Birds as a series of high repute invalidates this entire article... blehhhhhhhh

    People have been raving how the mobile gaming market will destroy console and even handheld gaming for years, and it's all a bunch'a bullshit. As Reggie said, "It comes down to providing consumers new, unique experiences they can’t get anywhere else, experiences that really make them say, 'Wow, this is fantastic!'". The market for gamers who want a larger and as a result pricier experience ain't gonna shift over to half-arsed mobile minigames all of a sudden, nor for many decades to come if at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. MR View Post
    Right now the WiiU is the priciest console. Although there will be an eventual price drop.
    It's also the newest. So long as a product is either the newest gadget or the cheapest new electronic (which it most certainly will be, like hell Sony 'n Microsods' consoles will be $350 or less), customers won't ignore it.
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    Nintendo is playing it very safe right now. The Wii had its run, and being made of rather cheap tech in an engaging form, sold great.

    The WiiU is sold by nintendo at a loss, however they recoup that loss and turn a small profit when you buy that first game for the console. Not to mention the Pro controller.
    Nintendo will do just fine this generation. They always find a way to persevere. Had the Wii flopped like the Gamecube, then we could say nintendo's circling the drain.

    The Wii U is the priciest console on the shelves right now, but it is on par with the 360 in terms of power if not slightly ahead or behind (all that's been said is that its clock speed is slightly lower in Hertz than that of the 360, but that means nothing since we know nothing about the architecture)

    Microsoft just released another slimmer version of the 360. Why would they do that if the Next Xbox is right around the bend?

    The economy is still weak, and any company that would introduce an expensive piece of Gaming hardware and expect to turn a profit is just ludicrous.

    The next gen (ps4,Next Xbox) won't be a quantum leap in graphics or processing. We're at a stage of diminishing returns. Any substantial increase in performance isn't going to be very cost efficient. Either they sell it at a loss, or put a pricetag on it that rivals that of a top notch gaming rig.

    Tell me, what parents are going to plop down that much money on a console for their kids when there's a cheaper option available?
    Nintendo has the right idea with keeping the tech affordable and focusing on what they know best, Innovation.
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    I agree King,

    As you said the reviewer was biased from the beginning of the article.

    Every NES emulator I've ever tried on a smartphone has'nt been that great.
    Nintendo, just like Sony and Microsoft is banking on their unique gaming experience to give them an edge over the competition.

    I didn't buy my WiiU for Darksiders 2 or Mass Effect 3. I bought it for Mario, Zelda, and all the other Nintendo signature experiences. (granted both of those games are awesome and are well worth a look if you have yet to try them on another console.)
    People aren't going to abandon consoles all of a sudden just because there's a crappy port on the Android/iPhone market that's cheaper. Angry Birds =/= A quality gaming experience.

    The most most pathetic part of the article was the fact that he argued the price point of the wii u. It just came out, and is actually selling at a loss; although a small one. Nintendo regains the cost and turns a small profit with the sell of just one game (Nintendo Land).

    I don't think that Sony and Microsoft can match the price of the WiiU if they are jumping ahead in the tech department. And in a weak economy I think most gamers will choose the cheaper option provided it has quality titles in its library.
    Besides the PC crowd is always ahead in tech. So if you really wand bleeding edge just build a gaming rig, considering that MS and Sony's new consoles will be about the same price.
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