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    Google Maps Announced for Wii U

    President Satoru Iwata's odd antics continued in this morning's Japanese Nintendo Direct video presentation as the executive strapped a bicycle helmet with an attached camera onto his head and spun in circles holding a Wii U GamePad. It was all to showcase Wii U's upcoming non-game diversion, Wii U Panorama View.

    The software, which we previously saw demonstrated at last summer's E3, allows you to view footage of scenic landscapes with full control of where the camera's pointing as the film rolls along. You twist, turn and rotate the GamePad to focus on features that interest you. It's a neat little app, but probably not earth-shattering in the form we've seen so far.

    Continue Reading @ http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/12/...-panorama-view

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