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Thread: wii u fail or succeed you decide :)

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    Gba Games and Gamecube games haven't even been confirmed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Splash_King View Post
    A youngin' and a vegan? ... Who's American?! I don't even.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlazmaLink View Post
    Backwards compatibility is the ONLY technical advantage WiiU has over Xbox one and PS4
    And the Gamepad.

    Technical advantages have become nigh-meaningless anyways, all that really matters in the console wars is that PC > everythin' else. We've reached a point where a console's processin' power and other such internal capabilities aren't gonna make huge leaps anymore. Not unless we get some amazingtacular new technological break through... like hologram machines that fit in the palm'a your hand or somethin'.

    Point bein', modern technical advantages are moot outside of an advertisement point. 'Specially graphics.
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