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    what do 2nd players use?

    Hey everyone,

    I was just wondering if player 1 usually plays with the game pad what do player 2 and so on play with? is it based on the game because i no there is a controller, a wii u remote (and i think u can use a wii remote)

    - like for super mario
    - nintendo land
    thanks for the help guys.

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    in nintendo land..2nd player uses wiimote...you can also use the wiimote and not the gamepad when playing solo.

    in new super mario bros 2nd player uses the gamepad...so its reverse...gamepad is used to lay blocks...the actual platforming has to be with wii u pro controllers or sideways wiimotes...
    you can only use the gamepad in single player.

    but yea 2nd player generally uses wiimotes/nunchuck or pro controllers...
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