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    Quote Originally Posted by MetroidZ
    ewww.. just die. You didn't even wait for more games.
    believe me, If i enjoyed the controller, i wouldn't sell it. The novelty of it wore off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samer
    believe me, If i enjoyed the controller, i wouldn't sell it. The novelty of it wore off.
    same thing happened to me, i just dont pefer the controller over a classic gamepad, sure its fun for parties and what not but i just cant stand playing games like zelda with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddie17
    Well, it sucks to be you then.

    I've got tons of great games on the 360. Splinter Cell: DA, Rainbow Six Vegas, GRAW, GoW, Dead Rising..
    well u call them great games but when ur a fossil like me and played games all your life i dont call them games great srry but thats my opinion,great games are what i call goldeneye zeldas mario karts ninja gaiden and many others
    Right, so how old do you assume i am? To assume that i haven't played a game that came out, what, three years ago? LMAO

    I've played Goldeneye to death, and yeah, it's my favorite FPS of all time, but that doesn't make it the best. It was a fantastic game at the time, and it still stands up today, but there are games that equal it.

    Zelda, yep, played them as well, from OoT to Link to the past.

    Mario Kart, well considering the majority of them have come out in the last ten years, i'd say that most people on this board have played them all.

    While i love Zelda, Mario and all the fantasy games that Nintendo so ingeniously create, sometimes it's just nice to play something realistic. Like Rainbow Six Vegas.. Unless you've got a lot of balls, when's someone gonna get another chance to scale down the side of a building and take out a terrorist, to save a hostage?

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    new games for wii will come soon, how many games could they produce in one month??? it's so stupid to say "wii is no good because it has less games"...it's senseless!!

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