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    Quote Originally Posted by 333Wii333
    RAINBOW 6 IS THE BEST game EVER MADE(only good on the 360 cuz ps3 is crap)
    true but after it gets upgraded and better microsoft will than MAYBE have some compitition, you are right though because sony wanted to put the blue ray into ps3 which costed them $400 that leaved them with $200 TO MAKE THE CONSOLE so yeah.. its crap

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    and back to the question...what does it really matter? 360, ps3, wii who cares as long as you are having fun.. I have xbox, wii, GC and still play them all, i dont listen to the rants 360 this will that ps3 is crap...well ps3 is crap but still its what u want so buy whatever u like a the rest of the ppl can suck crap if they dont like it

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