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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuu
    hey sweet, he finally got banned?
    Loooooooooks like it.

    Everything in this signature except for this text was made by Wiired, he is my creator and almighty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sterod
    Definition of vagrant: A vagrant is a person without a home, or regular work. Some towns have shelters for vagrants. A more common word for a vagrant would be a tramp, or formerly, a bum. Vagrants are almost always poor.

    Hey, if you set yourself up for your own downfall then I have no remorse for you, only pity. You sound like a very troubled young man. This site and thread are intended for fun and information, not for meaningless dumbass opinions and ridicule from you. I am sure you have been asked to leave other help threads and sites, but like Yuu, I also like seeing train wrecks about to happen. Your kind of like the Pee Wee Herman type of guy. "I know you are, but what am I"? Lol.....it's funny, man. You'll never make it at anything the way you are going. Keep up the good work with giving us nothing. We already know who you are and what you're like, so any other stupid comments won't be suprising.

    all that mumbo jumbo stuff you just said probly is true. but leave peewee outta this man. pee wee is ****ing awesome

    If you add me PM and give me your Wii#.

    S.E.C. Twist & Shout

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