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    Hey All Give Me Your Gamertags

    Alright I got online now. People who wanna add me give me your gamertags also IF YOU GOT FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 3 and Lost Planet, PGR let me know so we can play online. Bust mostly Lost Planet lets get this 16 player online shit going boys.

    Gamertag:SummerKING DRE

    add me and msg me yours
    Wii,RE4,Dewy's Adventures,Wii Sports,Link's Crossbow Training w/ Zapper,Cruis'n,No More Heroes,Metal Slug Anthology,Super Paper Mario,Mario Galaxy,Bomberman Land, WarioWare:Smooth Moves,Spider-man Friend or Foe,Battlion Wars 2, SSBB(Japan Version).

    Xbox 360 Gamertag:CyclingAndre,360Pro,DMC4,The Club,Turok,SVR'08.

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    i would have gotten lost planet if multiplayer was better

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