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    Quote Originally Posted by Mario Famous
    Rare disgust me when they betrayed Nintendo. Nintendo even had to replace characters from Diddy Kong Racing because of this....I don't mind seeing Dixie Kong but still
    SORRY but nintendo sold rare!

    thanks demonflair for the awsome sig

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    Well i'm sad about what happened to BK, I love there games i still play them on my N64 to this day. but hopefully they will come back to Nintendo with the rumours of the Wii 2/Wii HD/Nintendo stream or what ever it's gonna be called and maybe dump Microsoft and come back to Nintendo.

    and if they did come back to Nintendo get rid of the cars! and bring back classic 3D platforming! and call the game Banjo-threeie!

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    Wow 4 year old thread bumped on your first post
    Dont do it again.

    Anyway Rare have become Microsofts bitches and have become a shadow of there former self
    Spoiler Alert!
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