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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahnter
    Only if you get the premium. You need a hard drive to play xbox games. Also, the 360 is not fully compatible with xbox games; meaning that some of them will not work. (there is a list of compatible games on the xbox website)

    The ps3 should be fully compatible with ps2 games, there may be a handful of games that do not work. But I think Sony is working on that.

    As to your original question of which system to get there is not correct answer, except that you shouldn't buy an xbox. There are no new games being developed for it. So that's one down.

    The ps2 is a great system with a lot of games, but production is slowing down. I expect that in 2008 there will not be any more support. But if price is an issue, then this is the cheapest one. If it is not then I don't see why you shouldn't get a ps3, since it is fully compatible with ps2 games.

    Now between the 360 and the ps3 it comes down to which game genres you prefer more. I hate to sound cliche, but the 360's library does tend to lean more towards shooters. There is oblivion and racing games, but the main bulk is shooting. Now if this is your fav. genre then go out right now and get a 360. Halo 3 comes out in November.

    The ps3 will hopefully offer more of a variety of games, as did the ps2, but their library is microscopic compared to the 360s. But if you are patient enough to wait 2-6 months, then you will see some great titles (though the same can be said of the 360). I think next month killzone 2 will come out which everyone is saying will be a halo killer (skeptical), but the graphics do look amazing. Anyways if you like a lot of variety then the ps3 is the better choice, although you will have to wait for it.

    Either way, I don't think you can make a wrong decision this generation. You won't see the same amount of exclusives as last gen. It all comes down to personal preference and wallet size. In other words you decide because all you will get from forums are biased opinions!
    yah read this, except one thing, its not just a list it can play, its a updated list that is updated with the most-wanted games for XBOX every so often, but yah, ps3 is more fantasy/swords rpg stuff whilst 360 is more shooting and sports

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    360; but im a wii gamer myself

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    I would say get the xbox 360 the best console i have ever played if you get the ps2 the game will soon end just like the psones did if you get the ps3 the games you buy you cant take them to your mates and play it on their ps3 its rubbish because of their blue ray disks its up to you but i think your best choice is the xbox 360

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