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    yep its a joint effort for blue ray and hddvd... sony has tryed many times before to make there very own format and failed every time... this time everyone chipped in.. i doubt eaither will become a significant media format.. both will do so so in sales over the next 10 years and become obsolete in my opinion...

    the problem with making your own format is you own the rights to it get greedy and charge everyone to use it and it fails... "see sony minidisk"

    but with sales numbers the way they are now compared to when VHS,or DVD first came out looks like both are gonna bomb... they will get the companies by untill they figure out "on demand downloads" is what everyone wants.. aswell as a better media format than disk that can scratch and wear worse than any other format has ever...

    ill bet money in the next 10 years the majority of people will buy DVR's "tivo" and some type of memory card then any disk format...

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