I own a PS2 and DDR SuperNova and another Extreme(2??) one. My dance mat is a 3rd party piece of junk. Its duct taped to hold the rips together. I taped it in my youtube video, if anyone cares to click that link later. Anyhow, they dont get any more PS2 mats here. To have one shipped this far north is expensive(more than the actual cost for any mat).

I was wondering if you folks like the DDR ones for Xbox? I tried one...... the one they are selling now as a package with a fairly soft pad that doesnt slide much.. and I liked it(dont know which one..... had Listen to your Heart and Dontcha on it). I think its only $150 for an Xbox and like $70 for the mat/game. Is it worth it?? I don't want to play games on the Xbox at all.

It would cost me about $70(cdn) to just have a pad shipped up for the ps2. So its an $80 difference or so.

I'd appreciate opinions. Thanks......