yea i forgot about friend said it was GTA4 is coming out. I really love the wii and its games, but just incase the wifi thing doesnt work out (friendcodes for each i can play some live games. I know there will be more M rated games...but i also owned the orginal xbox. I didnt do alot for me since i got it the last year it was out. lol. but i wanted it for great games like halo and conker. seriously gamecube did a great job with me. but since im older, i might want to step it up a bit. really im just afriad that 3 systems...DS, Wii, 360 might suck some money out of my wallet. then again i can find really cheep prices for games....just still thinking. but you guys really helped me. i forgot about Resident Evil 5 (impulse buy). and hell...later on just think about Silent Hill 5...or Doom4... i really want to get horror games too. i just hate the $60 for a game. so yea. im really wondering if Metal Gear 4 is coming out for PS3...even with its price cut, its not doing so hot. and money is a main factor. if konami isnt selling will bring it to 360.