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Wouldnt it be suss to trade in a pro console for another pro one lol.
but you won't be trading a "Pro" for a "Pro".

if yours is an '06 model, then it will be a "Premium".

the "Pro" tag is given to the later '07 (Zephyr / Falcon mobo) HDMI

there's nothing suss at all.....except if your 360 has been banned from
live for being modded that is!!

i sold my "premium" during May last year and have since bought a new
"Pro" system for my son at Christmas.....just make sure that when you
purchase the console you make sure that the HDMI logo is visible on
the packaging. when i initially purchased my son's 360 (in Nov 07) it
turned out to be an Oct 06 manufactured model so i took it back and
made them exchange it for a late 07 360 instead.