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    Turok Released Early?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kotaku
    I've received quite a few emails this weekend from people saying they had picked up copies of Turok at their local stores. While it's not out of the ordinary for a game's street date to be broken by a single outlet, according to Best Buy, GameStop, GameCrazy and Wal-mart the game came out three days ago on Jan. 31. Apparently no one told this to the game's publisher, Touchstone. The official Turok website has a countdown clock that still has a little over two days left on it. The press materials and game websites like IGN and Gamespot also have it listed as a February 5th release. Is this a matter of a mass mistake on the retailers' part or is Touchstone being sneaky and letting the cat out of the bag early on purpose?

    It's pretty weird how they released it five days earlier than the actual release. If anybody has the reason, please tell me.
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    this might be a little far-fetched but i have a theory.

    the game wasnt hyped too much was it? so they set release date for feb. 5th (i think) then they actually release it 5 days earlier so if your in store your like "oh man, the store released it almsot a week early, i should pick it up!" and those who had no intentions of buying the game end up buying it.

    the release dates were weird for me. i didnt know if it was out or not but i never noticed that it was out 5 days early. i didnt know the officail date, it just seemed fishy that i wasnt hearing much about it but the gamestop website said it was shipping.

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