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    Has Gearbox Been Hired to Continue Halo?

    Earlier this week, Gearbox Software President and CEO, Randy Pitchford, revealed that the company is in the early stages of a new project that is the most important development they have ever worked on.

    I’ve started a new project. It’s big. It’s, like, look-at-our-line-up-and-imagine-something-even-bigger kind of big. I’m Directing it myself. I can't mention it publicly yet. When you find out what this is, you'll likely agree that I can't oversell this one.

    Gearbox is on fire right now and it’s only looking better down the road. This is an extremely rare chance to join up in a super senior role with a lot of authority and responsibility. Even if you’re only curious, just introduce yourself to me by e-mailing dreamgig@gearboxsoftware.com Yeah, it’s a campy address, but when you hear more about the project you'll probably agree. We can be extremely discreet if you’re curious but don’t want to represent that you’re looking to leave your current gig - just let us know.

    Now, that is definitely hype. By the words of Pitchford, this sounds like something way bigger than Brothers in Arms, Aliens and Borderlands, or the past franchises they have worked on-- such as Half-Life and Counter-Strike.

    There are not many big franchises out there… Mario, GTA, Quake, Unreal, Half-Life. We don’t think Gearbox could have been hired to do any of those and wouldn’t hype the project so much if it was just another Half-Life or Counter-Strike game.

    Could Microsoft have assigned Gearbox the job of continuing the Halo series after Bungie’s departure? Gearbox would certainly not be new to the franchise since it worked on the Windows port of Halo: Combat Evolved; an edition that for some Halo fans is the best Halo game in the series.

    That means that Gearbox has already been blessed by Bungie to work on a Halo game and it’ll be the first, natural candidate hired to develop future Halo games.

    If Gearbox is indeed developing the next Halo game, could this be "Halo: Chronicles," the new chapter co-created by Peter Jackson, or are we looking at the first news of Halo 4?

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    at first glance, it would seem like a wild guess, but what's bigger than half life orange box?

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    Well, its gonna be a shooter thats for sure
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    If they are working on Halo 4 or Combat Evolved that will be a big step for them.

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