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Thread: MS Won't Go Blu

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    Quote Originally Posted by T3kNi9e
    Their logic is revolved around ipods. People have been downloading/buying more mp3's than buying CD's now days. Which is very true... But even thinking MP3 downloads will completely make CD's irrelevant is idiotic enough, but to think digital downloads of movies will make DVD's irrelevant is just madness.
    I have to agree, the way I see it the best solution would be to have both. The loss of CDs would greatly ruin the music industry in some form or fashion, if it were replaced by digital downloading that is.
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    Perhaps they just don't see DVD's dying off so quickly. I think people are going to want as much time with DVD as possible, to build up their collections, just like how they did with VHS.

    If DVD lasts another 3 years for example, a lot more people should theoretically be able to get at least 8mb broadband. By then, we'd probably have 16mb or 32mb as maximum. Heck, we may be able to have a high enough bitrate to stream and record at the same time (in essence, streaming it as it's being downloaded to a media device, suitable for later playback).

    I don't think it's 20 years away, but I don't see it coming in til at least 2010 either.

    Also, another advantage is easy portability. If you can fit all your video collection on a single device (or a few devices), you'll be able to literally take your entire collection with you.

    I always did think that the HD format wars did actually depend on the failure of digital downloads.

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