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    x-box 360 petitioning for a class action sue

    x-box 360 - buyer BEWARE....i have documentation of how many times i was able to use it since date of purchase ---ONCE---SCAM-SCAM-SCAM....the only reason my husband purchased the 360 is because the previous edition was so fabulous and he thought well since i was so pleased with my old x-box he thought well there's a new version out so i would probably enjoy it as much....NOT it's been back and forth for repair since he spent our hard earned money on the piece of &*&*&*(*(_)*(_)* worked one time.......THANK GOD FOR INSURANCE......

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    Aside from you're post being almost incomprehensible I'll try to help.

    When did you buy your Xbox? Microsoft has a 1 - 2 year warranty (depending on what country) with 3 year warranty for the Red Rings of Death issue. Now assuming that you're within the warranty time frame, you could just send it back to Microsoft for a fix, this is of course under the assumption that you have not broken the warranty by sending it to a third party repair, which would be your own fault.

    What is the issue? Like I stated above, Microsoft have offered the warranties and unless you bought your Xbox360 on release date, you should still be within you're RRoD warranty.

    I personally have had two Xbox360s, one RRoD'd 2 days after I bought it, so I took it back to the store and they replaced it without issue. I then sold that one and I wouldn't buy a new one until last year, which I have had no issues with.

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    It would be nice if you could explain your situation more thoroughly. Based on your post, I'm assuming you bought it recently or within the past year or two. Of course, it depends on the problem you have. Microsoft will give you a free repair if your console has the Red Ring or the E74 error.

    Read Roast's post and try to give us more info, it would help.

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    Please keep the trolling to yourself, if you have an issue with a console then please take it up with the appropriate parties and not post how much you hate it in the 360 section. Many people are happy with their purchase, I'm sorry for you being unfortunate with yours however most of the hardware issues of the Xbox 360 have been resolved with updated consoles. Buying a 360 new from a known game store is the best option. Microsoft also gives a free year warranty with your purchase and if you get the red ring or e74 you get 3 years free.
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