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Thread: Cod black ops

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    A Marmaduke FPS would be awesome! I mean who wouldn't love to play as a gun toting puppy?

    I preordered the Black Ops Prestige Edition which is a whopping $150. I'm actually not that into the series (especially not on the 360 with it's dual analogue controls) but everyone else I know is buying it and the radio controlled car seemed like a good deal.

    So i'm going for Black Ops on 360 and Goldeneye on the Wii as my shooters for this year.
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    now we all no that cod has been the same for years and proberly even more years and proberly in 2045 there will be call of duty reality were u r the player properly (sorry im baberling on a bit) but after you get to rank 33 on any cod u realise that
    "hey its just another cod game and there just gonna realise the same game again but with new graphics next year"
    there isnt any awsomeness about cod anymore thats why i mess about a lot playing it to make the game alot more fun to the people who r bored of it

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