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    Xbox 360 Game Ideas

    Hello everyone! i've got some cool xbox 360 game ideas and i want you guy to tell me what you think..... ANIMAL CROSSING 360: animal crossing for xbox 360 there is a almost impossible chance of nintendo teaming up with microsoft, but i would buy it no matter if it was 80$ or 100$ i would just love animal crossing..... ANGRY BIRDS 360: angry birds would be nice but the only thing i have to ask to you guys is if there was an angry birds would it be: KINECT, XBOX CONTROLLER........ HALO KINECT: i would really like to see a active FPS game in the future, whats your input on this? INFAMOUS 360: I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! but its not on xbox 360, would you guys like to see this game for the 360? MINIGORE 360: Minigore the famous iphone game would be wonderful on the xbox 360 all i'm wondering is do you think it would be? TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!

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