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    Great thanks for all the comments guys, really appreciate it.
    SSBB friends code: 2750-0769-2510 PM me if you add!

    Wii Code = 0318 8572 1123 5988
    (pm me so i can add you)
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    Zelda Twilight Princess ~ Sonic and The Secret Rings ~ Cooking Mama ~ Super Swing Golf ~ Super Monkey Ball BB ~ Super Paper Mario ~ SSX Blur ~ My Sims ~ Bust a Move ~ DDR: Hottest Party ~ Super Smash Brothers Brawl

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    im getting a 360, im PYCHED!!!!! all my friends have one and i can finally join them and KICK THEIR ASS

    Everything in this signature except for this text was made by Wiired, he is my creator and almighty.

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    yea so i had a 360 waiting to be wrapped up (gift from my parents) and i told them to take it back! i'm getting a Wii! but under recent evaluation i realized that if i'm going to get a system for free, it should be the more expensive one. i'll get the wii though for sure, just under better monetary circumstances for myself. till then, i'm a 360 boy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaox
    I understand what you're saying, and you're right it is silly to think that a new system will have all that. But I was expecting a little more... atleast some more channels. Nintendo was really secretive with the system before launch and we didn't have much information about online features.

    Do you think the xbox 360 will live long now that the ps3 is out or do you think it will die out?
    I have a Wii and I'm getting a 360. IMO both systems are great, but if I was as unsure as you, I would just wait til 2007 when the online play with Wii acutally starts.

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