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a Russian
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Mar 14, 2011 at 7:26 PM
Jul 15, 2010
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Selma, Ca

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a Russian

WiiChat Member, from Selma, Ca

a Russian was last seen:
Mar 14, 2011
    1. Swatastic
      Yo russian haven't talked to you in forever
    2. flowers
      no i decided not to cuz i looked at some of the online and story gameplay online and it didnt look that good and its ratings forwii are horrible. im playing alot of super smash bros lately. brawl
    3. flowers
      thanks man. u know i heard that the graphics for black op were terrible and the gameplay isnt that good. is it true?
    4. clintonxxx
      do you have mariokarts if so do you wanna race me if so add me on mariokarts 1764-0575-7773
    5. flowers
      hey imma try to get with a new clan since absolutely none of my friends or the clan is playin mw anymore but well stay in tact long after this. cool?
    6. krasic
      ok pasame tu fc el mio es 3479-9311-3286
    7. Exile Gamr
      Exile Gamr
      Ok i'll be offline of Wii Chat and I will send you my Wii Number whenever i can So we could just message easier and get yours to be ready when I send you mine. I'll be on Cod: Reflex completing challenges and see us in action. I have to host because something was wrong whenever I join my friend's party or game.
    8. ReflexGamr
      Hey [RUS] i seen you in a match before is it all right if we do a Clan Battle?
      Btw im thinking a 3vs3 TDM Hardcore Private Match
      By TaskForcΞ® ☆☆☆☆☆
    9. |nFeRn0
      m8 im only a limited memebr still on your site i want to look at the photos, looks like tactical plans
    10. |nFeRn0
      k m8 have you added me cus i think i have added you
    11. flowers
      oh sweet thx for the info. im gettin a job soon hopefully so ps3 here i come
    12. flowers
      oh and the new zelda i will deffinetly get. u?
    13. flowers
      hey im about to get a job hopefully so i think ill save up for a ps3 and get the next cod after black ops on that what do u think?
    14. flowers
      hey r u interested in getting black ops for wii?
    15. HomieG
      Cool would ur clan be interested in a clan battle?
    16. halo300o
      on cod modern warfar
    17. halo300o
      sup u wnna play together sometime?
    18. JTFC-SGRO
      Talk to JTFC Beer, sorry no one replied back and it's a little late, but I heard you kicked UN's ass. Good stuff. Contact us through our forum as well as this one. Good to have a great allie that we can gain some valuable xp from. Talk to you later

      JTFC Sgro
    19. JTFC
      hey man.. was wondereing if u and ur clan wanna ally with ours... just means if we needed help in battle we can ask u guys to help out or when our clans arnt all on we can go out and battle together for fun and practice clan battles and stuff.. we are working on a legit tourny on our site as well soon and if u guys have a site or dun have one come on ours and join and talk to us and i think we would make a great team... but i still wan rematch clan battle ha.. www.jtfc.tk
    20. flowers
      those were some good games.
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