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Jul 25, 2012 at 3:30 PM
Jan 29, 2011
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Yorkshire, UK

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Level 56, from Yorkshire, UK

Blackecho was last seen:
Jul 25, 2012
    1. clintonxxx
      do you have a wii number wont to be friends
    2. dad uk
      dad uk
      nice games bud..... will do that again me thinks :) I like playing with that account !!
    3. UNKNOWN1
      I read the xp wrong, im serious, it was 25000xp, i was surprised when it said i leveled up
    4. UNKNOWN1
      I'm 55 buddy, lemme help you. Get to 54 with my gambit :D
    5. UNKNOWN1
      hello my friend :D
    6. dad uk
      dad uk
      really enjoyed our games today.....we are getting better I think. lol I was practising sniping on jungle, I'm not the best :)
      Keep the invites comin !
      I'll see you down town int 'mail coach' lol.....or whichever boozer you go in !
    7. dad uk
      dad uk
      ggs today bud....rotherham boys were killin :) Congrats and have fun with yer proxies too !!!!
      Wish it would'nt keep making me host though....I just don't like it :(
    8. dad uk
      dad uk
      eh up our kid ! sorry about invites today. Partied up etc.
      Keep em coming though :)
    9. dad uk
      dad uk
      hi dude - got attacked by kids..again!! sorry i left, will shoot you an invite next time I see yer on - should be on 9ish tonight ?
    10. UNKNOWN1
      add me back dude, so we can play again :)
    11. UNKNOWN1
    12. UNKNOWN1
      haha no problem, patience isnt my thing either
    13. UNKNOWN1
      sent u an invite, just join
    14. UNKNOWN1
      wanna play
    15. Gorgeous
      hi how ru
    16. tweety98
      wanna play goldeneye if u do pm me your fc mine is 4243 4945 7271
    17. dad uk
      dad uk
      Hi - What can I say - no lag (or not much anyways!) but I'm just plain rubbish at the moment - don't seem to be dominating games like I have in the past. Just playing average games at the moment and my KDR is just stuck at 2:11. 'Defo' play a lot better in day ......... so set up your own business and work from home like i do - then we can play in day ! :)

      anyways thanks for invites - will always be happy to play along side you - I prefer it when other people invite as i have a 'one track mind' and just go for xp on heroes - 'variety is the spice if life' an all that !!
    18. brittany33
      Sorry about the lag - I wasn't getting it mostly. And sorry about quitting that first game - those guys were pissing me off! :)

      Cale and I kept playing after you left. Hopefully we can play again soon.

      FYI - I really dislike heroes. I mean seriouselly. :)
    19. dad uk
      dad uk
      Hi bud - I was lagging last night too - whether hosting or not - My village internet speed of 1.5-2.5 is not inspirational at all! - luckily as you left aerodactyl sent me invite then joined the game - he was on top form with his new 'masty' and we beat batousSD &co believe it or not! - my wii then crashed (a sign my connection is struggling I think) - joined again and played a few with gareth - then in my last game against volcarona & co the lag went 'bad' again and I crashed right on the last second of the game ... all xp & a Win stat lost ............aaaaaargh!! needless to say I swore and turned the wii off ... I am finding that lag is worse in the evening - Whats your thoughts ?
    20. Carlito
      Dude I don't even know when I'm being invited, no instructions with my game. Have a look at our thread you'll see what happened. How do I know I'm being invited then?
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