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Feb 14, 2012 at 5:01 PM
Jun 21, 2011
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crazygrant was last seen:
Feb 14, 2012
    1. Carlito
      Dude, wanted to say hello man. Been on MW3 mostly, lemme know if you got it and I'll find ya. Hope you're doing ok mate. Miss our late night games man.
    2. 24gh12
      sorry to bug you later but oromov orignally worked for janus? as 006 had started his plan all ready
    3. KKAHN
      hey gg man hope to to be on the same side:yesnod:
    4. dad uk
      dad uk
      LOL I will add to goldie if it lets me :) fc glitch etc....alt fc is 2539-7195-3550 add this as I play with carlito and BE on it :)
    5. Carlito
      We rock teamed up fella lol
    6. riordan_85
      i just added ya
    7. starrysky
      hey looking for more people to play GE with, so i added you ... mine is 3798 8313 2345, i'm Pumpkin .... feel free to add me too :-)
    8. alphahawk
      really? i didnt realize
      i was to mad at every host quitting or my wifi crashing
      i barley can get one good game in with hosts quitting T.T
    9. crazygrant
      as i said before- that makes you weak....
    10. ufonaut
      i started playing goldeneye with the best of intentions and enjoyed it getting upto around 33 or more with normal settings but there are just too many cheats and some are very subtle .. i like to win and if that means levelling the field then so be it ...
    11. ufonaut
      there are hardly (if) any fast good players on this game and ive seen hell of a lot of cheaters on all levels .... you cannot beat them so why not join them ..i get a kick out of destroying cheaters over expanded egos .most leave before they get the last bullet and some stay not more than 3 beatings...i dont cheat in real life this is madness to say that cheating in a game will spill over into all aspects of daily behaviour... i thought you said you wanted to play whatever the player ...i guess you are just too scared of dissapointing me with your weak skills:yesnod:
    12. ufonaut
      what does gl in life son mean
    13. alphahawk
      hahaha i tend to do that all the time
    14. alphahawk
      i have my days
      wanna add?
    15. MethLepard
      yo, good call on the triangle. It would be hard to hook that up to a foot pedal. I'll add you as soon as I get on.
    16. alphahawk
      do u play online goldeneye007 wii
    17. clintonxxx
      do you have a wii write back clinton
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    toobing all day is like poking yourself in the eye repeatedly.... it makes you look silly.... and you'll go blind.

    fc: 4906 3145 8459